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SLC Morning Meetings
ALT Team Meeting 3:30 pm

SLC Morning Meetings
Departmental Planning Period Meetings

Departmental Planning Period Meetings

No meetings


Principal: Maria Tukeva

JANUARY 3, 2023:

Happy New Year to all, and Welcome Back! I hope all had a wonderful winter break!

This week’s focus is on the phrase from the Mission,

“We trust one another to continually improve our practices.”

As a new calendar year starts and we continue our Redesign journey, it is important to put the journey into context.  Redesign is not an event, or even a sequence of steps or events.  It is a transformation of how we do things, and in the case of our focus, the transformation involves the process of human centered design thinking. In other words, whatever we design must include students, parents, and staff at the table as co-designers.

We are Designers of Our Learning. What does that mean in daily practice? How might we create an environment where every member, whether student, staff or parent, is designing and being inspired by their learning every day?

Our ultimate vision for redesign is to transform our organizational culture so that every member feels capable and inspired to design solutions for problems, whether large or small. A key attribute we all need to develop in order to do this is “Creative Confidence.” Creative Confidence is defined by IDEO as “having the freedom and courage to fail/take creative risks and the knowledge that all of the ideas you create have value.”

Many of you have already demonstrated your creative confidence through the innovations you have implemented in your class or role. Through our redesign, we want to provide more support to all as we exercise our creative confidence muscle and prepare our students to as well.


Thank you for all you do!


Shout out to all Redesign Team and Innovation Team  members for a successful Charette on December 20! Over 50 people came to view our initial prototypes and provide feedback. Our next step will be to incorporate the feedback to further refine the design. We will also be engaging in a schoolwide revision and redesign of our mission statement, in order to make sure it reflects what stakeholders want and need.

As a follow up to our last ALT Team meeting, and as a way to align our Redesign efforts with our current action planning, we will incorporate redesign planning into our CSP, and into our ALT Team meetings.

We encourage all staff members to take a free, on line course, called “Design Thinking for the Greater Good.”

The course takes about 8 to 10 hours, at your own pace, and is free and on line. Please sign up in the form below if you want to engage in this professional development opportunity.  You can do it on your own schedule!

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector
We will offer Admin Premium to all who complete the course, and will be forming study groups of those who engage in the course.  

If you would like to sign up of these study groups, please fill out the attached form.

Shout out to Dr. Brown, Ms. Lainez, and Ms. Peddyreddy who have finished the course already! The entire Admin team is taking the course as well.   If you have identified a problem  you would like help in addressing through the design thinking process, please send a description of the problem. If you are interested in one of the innovations, please contact Maria Tukeva, Principal,  Ms. Krishunda Penn Pearson, Redesign Director, your SLC Administrator, or any member of the XQ Redesign Team.  Please join the Redesign Team, and please reach out to interested students or parents!

For attendance at Focus Groups or with Innovation Team  meetings held after school we will offer Admin Premium, and up to 20 students who participate in the Innovation Teams will receive a $200 stipend and Community Service hours.  Please speak with your students, and find students who would like to become involved in the design of one or more of the innovations.


  • Shout out to Ms. Hanlon, Ms Ward and Ms. Serra for coordinating successful Bingo Night! We had about 50 parents and students attend!
  • Kudos to all who supported by calling students and parents about immunization! We reduced the numbers and are down to about 70!
  • Shout out to all who supported by being in the building over the break, planning for the new year! Kudos to Ms. Penn and the members of the Innovation Teams – Ms. Bruggeman, Mr. Fuentes, Ms. Weiss, Ms. Patterson, Ms. Garcia Pinilla, and Dr. Brown, along with students Eliman Samb, Ydidya Nadew, Travis Strickland, and Nahom  for a successful Charette on December 20, to gain additional user feedback on the prototypes!
  • Shout out to Ms. West for coordinating a cooking and nutrition demonstration for 10th Grade parents!

Week 7 of Advisory 2

It is the seventh week of the Second Advisory, and there are about 3 weeks until the end of the term and Portfolio Presentations.  During this week, students should be completing and reflecting on their GRASPS, so they will be able to present with confidence and pride at the end of the advisory. .  With a project based model, each work period each day involves students working on a part of their GRASPS, following a mini-lesson on the standard/and objective aligned to the project.  If you need assistance in pacing out your project, please see one of the coaches, your Department Chair, or SLC Administrator.

The Whole Child

Hello and Happy New Year,
We hope you have had a restful and peaceful break.  Taking a break is really good for your mental health.  When you take a break, the neurons, and the axons along with the dendrites in your brain have time to repair itself and heal any wounds or torn nerves in the body.  Your body always needs to repair itself and taking a break does that mentally, emotionally, and physically.  It is great to see you in this New Year!  Happy New Year to you, and may there be many more.  

Ms  Planter
Whole Child Teacher Lead

To Live, To Learn, To Love!

Instructional Calendar

The Instructional Calendar is a living document that houses all the major curricular requirements, assessments, and schoolwide events. The Instructional Calendar is complete for the moment, however changes may be made and will be noted. If you have any requests for additions to the Instructional Calendar, please contact Mr. Magee,peter.magee@k12.dc.gov, maria.tukeva@k12.dc.gov or your SLC Administrator.

Please view the 22-23  CHEC Instructional Calendar here.

Assessment Corner

For high school students, please look out for advisory lessons in the coming weeks that will afford students the opportunity to reflect on, and set goals around, their SAT and PSAT results.  Additionally, AP teachers should look out for correspondence from Mr. Pyram and Mr. Jones regarding the administration of practice AP exams in non-AP English courses.

Testing Coordinator,
Pete Magee

Professional Development

Our Shared Leadership Subcommittee and the Instructional coaches on the ALT Team are working on developing  a PD plan for the year.   Please see the Design Thinking PD opportunity in the XQ section of the bulletin!

The ALT Team met before break and reviewed data and information on the first advisory.  Survey.  The next ALT team meeting will be Tuesday, January 10 at 3:30 pm



Spread the word. Apply Now!!! The Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Application is open for community college students looking to transfer to a 4-year university next fall.

This life-changing scholarship program awards community college students who are transferring to a four-year college in fall 2023 up to $55,000 per year to complete their bachelor’s degree, as well as personalized advising, career counseling, and more. The application deadline is January 12, 2023.  



My Project
We are DC public school social workers, and we are working with a group of students on a mural project. This will be a therapeutic group that will focus on healing and social emotional learning through the process of making art. Our high school and middle school students who will be participating in this group have experienced loss and trauma and will utilize the group as a way to work through their trauma and or loss. During the creation of this mural, we aspire to help our students process and heal through self-expression and exploration. At the end of the groups, each student will receive an art kit as a way to encourage their continued use of art as a coping strategy.



My Project
My students are eager to learn about different cultures this year in World History. My students need basic school supplies to have a successful school year. Each child requires an individual school supply kit of pencils, glue, and erasers. As such, I need to replenish their school supplies. Supplies such as the class printer will be a welcome relief for myself since I have to provide colored printed materials from my own pockets.Others such as pens, and pencils are helpful for families who are unable to purchase school supplies for their children. In addition, the supplies in this project will provide my students with the necessary materials for the day-to-day activities and work that will take place in our classroom. They will have the tools for success!


We hope that everyone enjoyed the Winter Break and got ample rest and uninterrupted time with loved ones. As we embark on the new year, we encourage everyone to take time this week to reset the culture in your classrooms by re-affirming the norms and expectations.  Here are a few reminders and steps:

CHEC 5 for Classroom Management
Step 1: Redirections w/ Positive Narration
Step 2: 1-1 Redirections  
Step 3: Reflection w/Activity  
Step 4: Call Home & Classroom Restorative Consequence  
Step 5: Send Referral (Must Call Parent)
*If a student is removed from class, the student must participate in a RJ circle with their teacher. Please reach out to a respective Dean for support.  

3 - Step Tardy Process
1. Teacher- Student Conference  - Problem solve w/ student, discuss cause for tardiness and decide on different actions the student could take to produce a different result.

2. Call Guardian - Discuss tardiness concerns and create an intervention plan with Guardian. Tardy Reflection Sheet

3.  Referral to Culture Team   -  
Students participate in reflective time that includes making up academic time loss. (Reflective meeting, community service, etc.)

15/15 Rule (First and last 15 minutes)
Please remember that students SHOULD NOT be permitted to be excused from classes during the FIRST 15 MINUTES and LAST 15 MINUTES, unless it is an emergency.

Students MUST HAVE A PASS to transition in the halls after the bell has rung.  If a student does not have a pass they will be sent back to class. Teachers are expected to write a pass every time they have given a student permission to leave the classroom.  

Please note the DATE, TIME OUT AND DESTINATION on passes.  

School Culture Updates, Events and Shoutouts

  • We will resume Attention Meetings on January 9th. Please use this form: Attention Meeting Support Schedule.docx to sign up for supporting meetings.
  • Use the first week of the return from break to reset your classroom culture and norms.
  • The Dean Team will be joining your PLTs in the next weeks to discuss the culture reset.  

Upcoming PBIS Incentives
(Please note that this schedule is tentative and is subject to change at the discretion of Culture Team Leaders.)

Below are Tentative Incentives for Winter/Spring 2023!

PBIS Reminders and Celebrations

Teacher All-Stars (Highest Interactions from 12/19-12/25)
  • Sandra Garcia Pinilla (993)
  • Tevin Simard (651)
  • Dwight Simon (479)
  • Desepe De Vargas (466)
  • Alexandra Hall (425)

Kickboard norms reminder
Currently, we have less than 50% participation in staff rewarding students with Kickboard points. Remember, Kickboard helps to build positive classroom culture and should be integrated in your classroom incentives, norms and strategies to manage your classroom.  
  • 15 interactions per class and 45 interactions per day  
  • DO NOT deduct student dollars  
  • Do not attempt to inflate the day of the incentive
  • Use the first 15 and last 15 of class to give dollars  
  • Create in-class incentives (Do not deduct dollars)  


Classroom Circles

Circles in the classroom can be used for community-building, instruction, collective problem solving, and even conflict resolution. The circle offers an opportunity for youth to take an active role in creating a safe and supportive space in their own classroom. The circle gives equal opportunity for all to listen, contribute, and practice social emotional skills.

Restorative Practices: Circles in the Classroom
Here are some resources to help you facilitate circles in your classrooms and SEL:
Student Support Forms:
Reminder: Please bookmark this link for future behavioral referrals:  

Use this form to recognize students for Student of the Week and Month:


Athletics are an integral part of the educational program and a means to accomplish the goals of education. Our athletic program exists for the welfare of students and the contributions it makes to their educational experience.  Athletic participation builds self-esteem and confidence and provides the necessary tools for success. The interaction between individuals on the fields of sport teaches students the value of teamwork, while developing the proper competitive spirit, combined with a sense of fairness.

BB: 3 – 3
GB: 1 – 5

JVBB: 2 – 3
VGB:  0 – 6
VBB:  1 – 5
There were no games over break.

No games

No games

HS Indoor Track Meet #1 at PG Sports & Learning Complex @ 3:00
JVB vs. Banneker at CHEC @ 4:00
VGB vs. Banneker at CHEC @ 5:30
VBB vs. Banneker at CHEC @ 7:30

HS Wrestling Match #2 (Ballou & Roosevelt) at Roosevelt @ 4:00
MSGB vs. Oyster Adams at Oyster Adams @ 4:45
MSBB vs. Oyster Adams at Oyster Adams @ 6:00

JVB vs. Bard at CHEC @ 4:00
VGB vs. Bard at CHEC @ 5:30
VBB vs. Bard at CHEC @ 7:30

No Games
To participate in sports, including tryouts, students must complete participation paperwork and upload their physical via https://www.thedciaa.com/participation-forms.  Anyone with questions, should contact the CHEC athletic director, Coach A in room D236, or via email at desmond.alexander@k12.dc.gov.

Fall sports include:

Middle School
Boys Basketball: Coach Schroeder (michael.schroeder@k12.dc.gov)
Girls Basketball: Coach Constance Hanlon (constance.hanlon@k12.dc.gov)
Indoor Track: Coach Burnett (helena.burnett@k12.dc.gov)
Wrestling: Coach Alvarado (kenrry.alvarado@k12.dc.gov)

High School
Bowling: Coach Ferguson (mya.ferguson@k12.dc.gov)
Cheerleading: Coach Dionne Wright (dionnewright02@gmail.com)
Boys Indoor Track: Coach Robinson (markblaytonrobinson@gmail.com)
Girls Indoor Track: Coach Pinto (miguel.pinto@k12.dc.gov)
JV Boys Basketball: Coach Joyner (jason.joyner@k12.dc.gov)
Varsity Boys Basketball: Coach Edmonds (lionel.edmonds@k12.dc.gov)
Varsity Girls Basketball: Coach Ficklin (rodricus.ficklin2@k12.dc.gov)
Swimming: Coach Allen: (reiss.allen@k12.dc.gov)
Wrestling: Coach Alvarado (kenrry.alvarado@k12.dc.gov)

Desmond Alexander, CAA
Athletic Directo.  
Columbia Heights Educational Campus
Bell/Lincoln Multicultural Schools

(202)939-7700 Ext: 5207 (office)
(202)576-9147 (fax)

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