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MCIP is pleased to announce the sponsorship of two remarkable CHEC seniors as interns for this school year. They will be at the helm of assisting with the bulletin and exploring other media opportunities within CHEC. Without further ado, let us introduce you to these brilliant individuals:

Lisbeth Oliver-Cabarallo
We are thrilled to introduce Lisbeth Oliver-Cabarallo, a dynamic and artistically inclined senior joining our bulletin team for an enriching internship experience. Lisbeth brings a vibrant passion for the realms of graphic design and mass media, a flame kindled and nurtured under the watchful eyes of her artistically gifted elder sister. Currently engrossed in absorbing knowledge across various facets of the creative sector, she has shown a particular fondness for web design, photojournalism, and visual media. Lisbeth aspires to craft a promising career path in the media industry, where she aims to fuse creativity with evocative storytelling, capturing the essence of events and narratives through a distinctive lens. As she embarks on this role, Lisbeth is eager to learn and contribute significantly to our weekly bulletin and other school-related media platforms. Welcome, Lisbeth!

Josue Ramirez Siguenza
We are pleased to introduce Josue Ramirez Siguenza, a spirited and aspiring mass media aficionado stepping into his senior year with great enthusiasm and zest. From an early age, Josue nurtured a deep-seated passion for electronic media, harboring dreams of turning this love into a fulfilling and impactful career. He envisions further sharpening his skills at his dream institution, Towson University, with ambitions to major in mass media. Josue's enthusiastic approach toward his craft promises to bring fresh perspectives and vibrant imagery to our sports teams. Eager to immerse himself in the dynamic atmosphere of CHEC life, he aims to capture moments that resonate and weave narratives that tell a rich story. Josue, we warmly welcome you to the bulletin team and eagerly anticipate witnessing your creative journey unfold!

Together, Lisbeth and Josue bring a youthful and innovative lens to our team. We couldn't be more excited to see the visual stories they will craft. Welcome to both of you, and here's to a fruitful and enlightening internship experience.


EdConnective is thrilled to once again provide DC area school and district leaders and coaches the opportunity to be matched 1:1 with a leadership coaching partner (at no cost to you).

Over 250 leaders & coaches in the DC area have already taken advantage of personalized coaching to both support them as leaders, and achieve their personal and professional goals. Due to the excellent response, SSE has funded it again, and you're eligible! Get registered here.

Not Ready? Take 20-minutes to learn more about this opportunity, hosted by me, Branch Feagans (M.Ed) from EdConnective.

Choose a 20-Minute Session:

Monday, Sept 18 11:30-11:50am: Register to attend info session
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This isn't JUST for you. Other leaders in your team are eligible too, and you can sign them up as well.

Who is Eligible?: Principals, APs, Instructional Coaches, District leaders, and anyone who supports teachers in the DC area. Even those who participated previously are eligible to participate again.

See you soon,
Branch Feagans
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