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Principal's Message for Week of October 18, 2021 - October 22, 2021
This week CHEC celebrates its 40th Homecoming Festivities! Homecoming is a time to celebrate all who have graduated from our school as well as an opportunity for students to build camaraderie and school pride.  Please join in the Spirit Week Attire, a Hallway Parade of champions, the Homecoming Game on Friday, October 22nd and lunchtime homecoming festivities on the field.  All activities will be safe and follow COVID protocols.  Please look out for announcements from SGA on the activities.

This Week’s Focus

This week, the focus is on the phrase from the mission which states, “All Columbia Heights Education Campus graduates will be prepared to succeed in college..”

This aligns to the Culture of Achievement Domain, which has as one of its goals:

By June 2022, we will reduce the percentage of students receiving one or more F by 30%
  • Subgoal – By June 2022, 100% of all classes will have a failure rate of less than 10%

We have shared the first progress reports with students, and families, and we now have data on how our students are performing in their classes, and how close we are to meeting this goal.  Based on progress reports, we are not yet meeting this goal.  According to the progress reports, 22%, almost one quarter of all students, have one or more F.  In looking at the subgroups, we see again that males have a higher percentage of F’s (27%) than females (16%). In addition, SPED students have the highest rate of receiving one or more F, at 28%, followed by ELL’s at 24%, then Hispanic at 22% and Black students at 21%.  The grade with the highest rate of receiving one or more F is 9th grade, with 35%, followed by 11th grade, with 29%, 12th with 21%, 10th at 21%, 6th grade at 13%, 8th grade at 11% and 7th grade at 6%.

One of our tier 1 strategies is grade calibration, the practice of looking at grading design, grading patterns, student work, and subgroup data, in order to develop more objective, consistent and aligned ways of assigning grades, as well as more opportunities to improve grades.   The wide variations we are seeing by gender, subgroup and grade, are an indication that we need to work towards further alignment, as well as provide other Tier 1 interventions to the subgroups who are struggling the most.  This will be the focus of our ALT Team meeting and the Grading Subcommittee this week.
All Departments and SLC’s send individual notifications of their meetings
Strats/Analyze Product

Monday, October 18, 2021

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Final Exams - Period 1/ 3
ALT Team Meeting 3:45 pm – High School Library

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Final exams Period 2 and 4

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Friday, October 22, 2021


October 26 and 27:
Portfolio Presentations


The COVID 19 SERT Team will meet again on Tuesday, October 26, at 3:45 in the Cafeteria and virtually.

UPDATE – CHEC has been selected as a Vaccination Site!  As you may have heard, we will be hosting a 4 days a week COVID – 19 vaccine camp here @ CHEC starting October 12 (Tuesday). Depending on how well we do, we may be authorized to hold more camps in November. Currently, this is only for October.  Please share this information with your students and families!

  • The camps will run Tuesday – Thursday (3:30 PM – 8:00 PM) and Saturday (12:00 – 5:00 PM).
  • First 200 adults will receive a $51 gift card.
  • First 200 students will receive Apple AirPods (or they can choose a gift card, if still available).
  • If only students get vaccinated, 200 will receive cards and 200 will receive AirPods.

Update on Testing and Cases:

Since the last update, we have tested 239  students, and there has been one additional positive case.  This case was self reported, not from the asymptomatic testing.   Below are the notes from the lasts COVID 19 SERT meeting, as well as recommendations and suggestions.

In response to the need to maintain a healthy and safe environment, we will be implementing the following:
  • The student Health Ambassadors will post signs and make presentations in classes, starting this week.
  • All desks in classes should be facing forward.
  • We must continually reinforce proper wearing of masks – we will reintroduce our COVID 19 prevention videos, and will train student health ambassadors to support adherence to all norms and protocols.
  • Limiting unnecessary passes for students is critical to limiting transmission.  The Agenda book is the only pass, and it must be signed and dated.


  • Shout out to the team for coordinating a successful PSAT/SAT Day 0 Ms. Thweatt, Ms. Spinks, Ms. Penn, Mr. Jones, Ms. Castro, Mr. Yeboah, Mr. Odom, Dr. Iraheta, Ms. Partelow and all of  our teachers who served as PSAT SAT Proctors!
  • Kudos to Ms. Moore and Ms. Thomas for our Faculty Meeting Presentation on MTSS on Thursday!
  • Shout out to Ms. Ferguson for supporting all Chairpersons and Departments in preparing for E-portfolios!
  • Shout out to the Dean Team for the Circle Training and coordinating the Asymptomatic Testing!       


Columbia Heights Education Campus’s great teachers deserve to be recognized! We’re proud to partner with Honored Schools again this year to do just that! Go to to tell Columbia Heights Education Campus teachers how they’ve made a difference. Please share this with parents and students! Once recognized, teachers get an email with your recognition story and we’ll celebrate them! Last year our very own Ms. Ramirez won the Life-Changing Teacher Award and a $5,000 cash award!
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