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WEEK OF MARCH 14, 2022

Monday, March 14, 2022
Grade 10 Access Speaking

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Grade 10 Access Speaking
ALT Team Meeting 3:45

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Grade 10 Access Speaking

Thursday, March 17, 2022
Grade 9 Access RL

Friday, March 18, 2022
Grade 9 Access Writing

Upcoming Events

Principal: Maria Tukeva


This week,  we will continue to focus on the mission phrase,

“.. We trust one another to continually improve our practices.”

As you know from communication from our Chancellor, there have been changes in the health protocols for DCPS.  Most significantly, the use of masks is no longer mandated, as of Wednesday, March 16th.  This means that as a community of staff and students, we must all feel comfortable and supported to make our personal decisions on mask usage.   Some of us will definitely want to continue with masks, while others will not.  In either case, we need to show respect and empathy for personal decisions, and determine what other adjustments we may need to make.

None of the other mandates have been lifted at this time, so we are still required to maintain seating assignments.  The only change that might come up to seating assignments would be if a student who is wearing a mask, wants to be more distanced from students who are not wearing masks.   Ms. Ferguson has created a  lesson which I recommend you share with your class, as well as a survey you can give to students regarding whether they will need a new seat assignment.

Mask Comfort Level Survey Link- This is a template that teachers can use to create their own survey.


Thank you to all for your collaboration and engagement as we make sure we are communicating clearly to all students what our norms are, and why they are important to our whole school community.  This week’s Focus will be on cycling back through all of the norms, and building them into daily actions. There are no specific norms lesson for this week, but Kickboard has been rolled out, so you can start giving out Norms aligned incentives!

An important part of reinforcing the norms, are incentives.  One incentive that the SGA has advocated for, is an opportunity to go off campus for lunch (chaperoned by staff).  Each week, we will select one class, nominated by a teacher, to go off campus for lunch.
Last week, the winner was Ms. Najam’s PLT!!!


The process is the following:

1.Please nominate a class that you have, that has for the most part (90% of the class 90% of the time) demonstrated the first two norms – Owning their Learning, and Digital Citizenship.
2.All nominated classes will be put into a random selection process, (Plicker wheel) and only one be selected to go off campus for lunch.  Each student in the class will be provided with $6.00 to support the purchase of their lunch (they can use their own money as well).
3.If there are any students in the nominated class with less than 85% attendance, or with multiple discipline referrals, they will not be included in the lunch off campus.
5.There will be more incentives coming – please participate in our incentive survey coming up this week!


Please refer to the memo sent earlier to all staff for the new mandates on masking.

The COVID 19 SERT Team met on Wednesday, March 9, and will meet again on Wednesday, March 23, at 3:45 in the High School Library and virtually.  We will discuss the new DCPS and CDC Guidelines.

Update on Testing and Cases:

There were two new cases, last week..

  • Please limit unnecessary passes and movement for students is critical to limiting transmission.  The Agenda book is the only pass, and it must be signed and dated. Passes should be limited and not given for breaks or other non essential tasks such as going to the bathroom.


  • Shout out to all teachers and staff for engaging parents in Parent Teacher Conference Day! We had a record number parents attend! Shout out to the Engagement Team for creating a form to collect correct data on parent contacts!
  • Shout out to teachers who have started giving incentive points in Kickboard – Ms. Belton, Ms. Perez, Ms. Blankson, Ms. Borrego, Mr. Henggeler, Mr. Magee, Mr. Perry, and Ms. Tamdem!
  • Shout out to Ms. Divetta for organizing a trip to the Italian Embassy for Women’s History Month! Students saw the Italian Ambassador to the United States, who is the first woman ambassador from Italy, as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi!!
  • Kudos to Dr. Barnett for taking a group of students to the Kennedy Center on Friday!
  • Kudos to Ms. Vialpando Strickland, Ms. Ortez, all AP’s  and Mr. Diaz for coordinating the ACCESS Testing! Shout out to all teachers for proctoring!
  • Kudos to all teachers who are nominating their classes for incentives!
  • Shout out to all teachers and staff who have been covering classes!
  • Kudos to the Ops Team, Admin Team and Dean Team for their coordination of COVID 19 testing, contact tracing, and prevention!


Columbia Heights Education Campus’s great teachers deserve to be recognized! We’re proud to partner with Honored Schools again this year to do just that! Go to HonoredSchools.org to tell Columbia Heights Education Campus teachers how they’ve made a difference. Please share this with parents and students! Once recognized, teachers get an email with your recognition story and we’ll celebrate them!


Please contact Mya Ferguson or M. Tukeva if you would like to offer Office Hours, or if there is a topic you would like to see offered in Office Hours.
Week 7 of Advisory 3

presentations. Please make sure during work period time in class, that students are working on producing, evaluating and revising their products for presentations.   The dates for Portfolio Presentations and Exams for the third advisory have been added to the Instructional Calendar.
Instructional Calendar

The Instructional Calendar is a living document that houses all the major curricular requirements, assessments, and schoolwide events. The Instructional Calendar is complete for the moment, however changes may be made and will be noted.  If you have any requests for additions to the Instructional Calendar, please contact Mr. Magee, peter.magee@k12.dc.gov, or your SLC Administrator.


CHEC Librarian Mr. Stewart was recently awarded the 2022 Social Justice Award by the Middle States Council for the Social Studies.  (MSCSS) was founded in 1903 and is the oldest professional organization in the country devoted solely to social studies education.  Mr. Stewart is the first librarian and Social Justice Awardee.



Wednesday, March 23rd

Live Stream: Join stream here

This session will provide strategies for effectively providing scaffolds and supports for English Learners (ELs) across the diverse spectrum of ability each student brings to the classroom. This session will focus reimagining the integration of scaffolds to modify the same lesson English-proficient students are completing so EL students and English-proficient students can meet the same grade-level standards in the Secondary setting. Through the reading and writing strategies for EL students presented in this session, teachers will be able to create assignments that meet the needs of all EL students without compromising the rigor of the lesson or the content-knowledge necessary to achieve mastery of the class objectives and grade-level standards. Recommendations will be made where content teachers can infuse literacy best practices in the multilingual classroom.
 Dr. Noel Emilius(Speaker) DC Public Schools, Secondary Teacher
Dr. Nicole Ugel(Speaker) DC Public Schools, ESL      Middle School Manager


CHEC Lincoln Library Canvas Page
Check your email (called Lincoln Library Canvas Buttons; sent 1/13) for Canvas buttons and links to add to your class Canvas pages. As you update your Canvas pages, include access to the library for independent reading, research resources, and technology support. As a reminder, our digital library collections are accessible through Clever under the Library Resources section. Need help? Email angela.falkenberg@k12.dc.gov to schedule assistance.

Schedule Library Visits and Collaborations
Email angela.falkenberg@k12.dc.gov or call extension 4018 to schedule Library Visits and/or lesson collaborations. These collaborations include co-teaching, resource curations, reading promotions, GRASP assistance, etc.

Angela Falkenberg
Columbia Heights EC - Lincoln MS
School Librarian, M.Ed
Greetings CHEC Family!

March 2022 is “Women's History Month.” This year’s theme is Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

As we celebrate women who have made an impact in our lives, take a moment to consider the amazing young girls that we currently serve that will one day become leaders of tomorrow.


Kickboard is here!!

We are excited to be rolling out Kickboard at our school and appreciate your input and feedback during our introduction meetings.

On Thursday you received an email from Kickboard with instructions for logging in and activating your account. Please log on to the Kickboard site to make sure that you can access it and to begin familiarizing yourself with what is available. The activation link is valid for only three days, so please activate your account as soon as you get the email. If you do not receive the activation email or have trouble logging in, email Dean Boone or Dean Williams.

Please also download the Kickboard mobile app. It is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.


March 16 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 pm

Restorative DC is excited to connect with current and new restorative practitioners, coordinators, and school support staff, educational support and community-based organizations throughout the District of Columbia as part of our Community of Practice (CoP) series for SchoolYear 2021-22.The CoP will provide participants with an opportunity to:  Participate in city-wide problem solving group activities.

March 16 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

In these highly experiential coaching sessions, you are invited to bring your unique challenges and questions and get on-the-spot coaching and group-peer support. These sessions may take us on pedagogical, behavioral, ethical, personal and cultural reflections and insights on how restorative practices can support individuals and our sense of community.
March 19 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

How are you, really? Breathe. In this highly interactive and engaging session educators, administrators and school staff will have the opportunity to put on your oxygen mask, refresh and gladden your spirit, connect with yourself and other kindred spirits. You will leave the session being able to apply the tools, strategies, and techniques immediately.

RJ Technical Support
If you for looking for any training and/or support from the DCPS RJ Team, use this link:


Diego Mendez Loayes - 8th Grade
Hailey Mejia-Flores - 7th Grade
Cerrato-Ramos, Maydelin - 6th Grade
Keiyne Settles Jr - 7th Grade
Ana Amaya Sosa - 8th Grade
Jazmyne Rogers - 7th Grade
Leiva Calderon, Denise - 8th Grade
Kodi Rivers - 7th Grade


Peace & Love,

The Dean Team

Athletics are an integral part of the educational program and a means to accomplish the goals of education. Our athletic program exists for the welfare of students and the contributions it makes to their educational experience.  Athletic participation builds self-esteem and confidence and provides the necessary tools for success. The interaction between individuals on the fields of sport teaches students the value of teamwork, while developing the proper competitive spirit, combined with a sense of fairness.


Congratulations to the high school bowling team on a great season.  The HS bowling team lost to Wilson in the DCIAA championship.  Spring sports competition begins this week.

BB: 0 - 0
Flag FB: 0 - 0
SB:1 - 0
Tennis: 0 - 0
BB: 0 - 0
SB: 0 - 0
To participate in sports, including tryouts, students must complete participation paperwork and upload their physical via https://www.thedciaa.com/participation-forms.  Additionally, all student-athletes, who are 12 and older than must be vaccinated to participate in sports or have an approved medical or religious exemption and test weekly.   Anyone with questions, should contact the CHEC athletic director, Coach A in room D236, or via email at desmond.alexander@k12.dc.gov. Spring sports practice has begun.

Spring sports include:

Middle School
Baseball - Coach Mesa (carlos.mesa@k12.dc.gov)
Golf - Jordan Stouch (jordan.stouch@k12.dc.gov)
Softball - TBD
Outdoor Track - TBD

High School
Baseball - Coach Allen (reiss.allen@k12.dc.gov)
Flag Football - Coach Duvall (ryan.duvall@k12.dc.gov)
Golf - Coach Duvall (ryan.duvall@k12.dc.gov)
Softball - Coach Zinzarella (christopher.Zinzarel1@k12.dc.gov)
Stunt - Coach Wright (dioonewright02@gmail.com)
Outdoor Track - Coach Pinto or Coach Robinson (miguel.pinto@k12.dc.gov or markblaytonrobinson@gmail.com)
Tennis - Claire Riesenberg (claire.riesenberg@k12.dc.gov)
Wrestling - Kenrry Alvarado (kenrry.alvarado@k12.dc.gov)

Desmond Alexander, CAA
Athletic Directo.  
Columbia Heights Educational Campus
Bell/Lincoln Multicultural Schools

(202)939-7700 Ext: 5207 (office)
(202)576-9147 (fax)

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