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Special events, updates, and opportunities.

The Leadership Team will continue to meet on Wednesdays this year. Last meeting, the team worked on determining our progress in our CSP in the area of Science.  Team members looked at GRASPS, student work, and assessments, in order to provide feedback on alignment to AP.  The next meeting with be on Wednesday, January 17.  The Leadership Team is a group of teachers, counsellors, and administrators who meet every week to discuss school needs, and plan for improvements. The Leadership Team designs the school’s comprehensive school plan, and helps in its implementation.  Please consider joining the Leadership Team this year. It is open to all faculty and staff.  We need the involvement and voices of all. Remember, Leadership team meetings are open to all who are interested in schoolwide decision-making and leadership.  You can come once, or as many times as you like, but please make your voice heard!

To date, we have 378 home visits completed by 88 teachers! Great job!!! Congrats to the 9th grade team keeping the lead!! 9th grade has visited 85 students which is 47% of the class of 2021!!! Kudos to 7th grade for leading on the middle school side with 43!!!!!
Please remember that our SLC goal for this year is to visit 100% of the families in our PLTs, and the sooner we can accomplish this the better results we'll see in our classrooms.

   *Helpful Hints*

​Often times the school has tickets that are available free of charge for concerts and sporting events! Look for these opportunities to take students and their families for free! Engage them in conversation about their child's hopes and dreams and that will certainly count for a home visit!!
If you know your student has a sibling in another grade at CHEC please partner up with teachers who teach the student. This will offer a richer engagement. You CAN NOT do a home visit for a sibling and you don't teach them! Please give that opportunity for a teacher who teaches that child!


Teachers! Have you been thinking about taking a World Language Class to better communicate and serve our students, families, and community all while earning CSC points!?!?!?! Sign up for a class on Edgenuity! All teachers should already have an account! Visit edgenuity.com, your username should be your email address and your password is teacher. If you have trouble, Contact the Edgenuity Support Team by phone at (877) 202-0338 ext. 3. Currently, they offer the following languages; Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish!​


CHEC Libraries Reminder
When sending students to the library, please make sure they are only utilizing their respective middle or high school library. Except for a few previously determined exceptions, middle schoolers should only use the middle school library and high schoolers must use the high school library. Call your librarian (MS - ext 4018; HS - ext 5118) ahead of time to ensure there is space available for your students.

Thanks for your cooperation!

CHEC Libraries Closed 1/9 & 1/11
LEAP will use both libraries Tuesday, Jan. 9th and Thursday, Jan. 11th for PD sessions. As a result, both libraries will be closed to printing and library use for those days. However, your librarians are mobile! Schedule an in-class lesson or book mobile visit so that students (and you!) can access resources.

Bell High School Writing Center
The goal of the Writing Center is to enhance the preexisting gifts and talents that all students possess. Students will share their drafts (at least 48 hours) in advance and, receive feedback within 48 hours.  More details to be announced.

Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Time: 8 AM
Location: CHEC/ Bell High School Library

Bell High School Library Book Club
The Bell Book Club will challenge participants to think outside of the book and confront preconceived notions by having deep discussions and building relationships.  Creating discourse that transcends generations, neighborhoods and households, makes us strong, courageous and intelligent. Bring your favorite book (s).  Students will choose books for future Book Club discussions at our first meeting.  Students, parents, teachers and staff are welcome to come!

Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Time: 2:15 PM *Early Dismissal
Location: CHEC/ Bell High School Library

Beanstack Logging System is LIVE!
The creators have Beanstack have finished uploading all student and staff data so that you are now able to log in, register, and track your reading. Currently, sixth grade has the most books logged with 285. Tenth grade follows closely with 252. Students will receive emails through their DCPS accounts when they have earned prizes.

Student log ins are standard DCPS procedures: Username is STUDENT ID and password is DOB format: MMDDYY.

Teacher log in procedures: Username is first.last and password is District ID: 000#####
Log in and log your books at chec.beanstack.org

At this week’s Faculty Meeting, The PGT Team will be providing a brief overview on Mandatory reporting!  An email is being sent out this week to all staff with the official DCPS policy regarding Mandatory Reporting for all DCPS employees. What does every one of us need to remember when it comes to Mandatory Reporting?  Anyone involved in the care or welfare of children under the age of 18 are considered Mandatory Reporters and are required by law to report any concerns around child abuse and/or neglect.
CFSA Hotline #
Home Visits Set the Stage for Success – Parental Involvement for SY 2017-18

Last year 36% of our scholars received home visits which is a 16% decrease from the previous year. Let’s continue developing strong relationships with our parents through Home Visits, and let’s top our number from last year! See Ms. Whitaker or Ms. J. Gonzalez if you need assistance with your home visits.

This IS A REMINDER ABOUT THE Student of the Week Program. Any staff member can nominate a student, for academic or mission related accomplishments.  Please send your nominations by email to M. Tukeva. PLEASE NOMINATE STUDENTS OF THE WEEK!
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