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We are not "JUST" teachers, we are managers of the world's greatest resource: CHILDREN!

- Robert John Meehan.
Teacher Appreciation Week:
May 7-11, 2018

It is time to focus and make every minute count. We have key assessments coming up to end the advisory, and as usual, we want to make sure the assessment conditions are well organized and promote students best effort.

Date Change – Early Release Day has been changed from January 3 to January 10
Interims and Finals – January 11 and 12 (there are six instructional days from when we come back to the Interims and Finals)
Portfolio Presentations – January 17 and 18 (there is one instructional day between Interims/Finals and portfolio presentations)
End of the Advisory – January 19

The implications for the seven instructional days before interims/ finals and portfolios, means that preparation for both of those assessment events will need to be done in an integrated fashion over those seven days.  Preparing students to organize their portfolio documents should  begin this week, and practice for the actual presentations can be done in a way that students are reviewing concepts and knowledge for the interim/final as well.  The key to this is a strategic and tight instructional planning process over these seven days.  Please be sure to remind students of upcoming assessments, as well as any assignments or work they need to make up before the advisory ends.
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