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Improving Instructional Practices.
Our Second Cluster Instructional Walk will take place on Monday, November 25, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.  This month the Instructional Walk will focus on the middle school.  The team will look for increased evidence of academic discourse among students.

This is the third  week of the Second Advisory!  By the end of this week, all classes should have launched the GRASPS, and have had students interact with the GRASPS, rubric and exemplar.  The GRASPS should have been broken down into component parts to teach, and there should be initial work on the first part of the GRASPS, with students having completed a portion of the GRASPS. By this week’s SLC and department meetings, student work should be available for tuning and reflection.

The Instructional Calendar is a living document that houses all of the major curricular requirements, assessments, and schoolwide events.  Please check it weekly, as it changes as events are added or moved. Please note some additions - the specific dates for each interim have been added, so please check out the calendar! The calendar is curated by members of the Admin team, and Mr. Magee, Science LEAP lead, curates and adds events or items that are submitted by Department Chairs.  If you have an event or item that you think should be added to the Instructional Calendar, please submit it to your Department Chairperson first, and then your Department Chair will submit for inclusion if appropriate.

Field Trips are valuable and important ways to engage and excite students about the content of their classes, as well as to draw cross-curricular connections. However, field trips can also result in a shortage of teachers and difficulty in covering all classes.  In order to make sure we are balancing field trip approval with instructional needs, please be sure to follow the field trip protocol:

  • All requests for field trips must be submitted two weeks prior to the anticipated trip, and must be approved in writing before further plans are made for the field trip.
  • There must be a clearly described purpose and curricular alignment for the trip on the field trip request form.
  • Please keep the number of chaperones to a minimum, as it is extremely difficult to obtain substitutes.
  • Students must have the permission slip signed by their parents AND the teachers of their other classes, indicating that they are in good standing to attend the trip.
  • NEW – All approved field trips will be shown on a google calendar linked to the bulletin, and any field trip that is not on this calendar will not be authorized.  The google calendar is under construction, and will be launched by the end of the week.
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