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Improving Instructional Practices.
Progress Reports
Progress Reports are due on October 6 for all students.  Please make sure you are following the grading weights and procedures as explained at pre-service.  If you have any questions, or need assistance in putting grades in ASPEN, please see your SLC Administrator, or our Grade Manager, Roman Smith.

Living through History
This week we are continuing with Living Through History, with the creation of artifacts and products in all content classes.  It is exciting to see how our students are documenting their journey through this moment in time.  This week, the week of September 28, we will have lessons in Advisory to begin the curation and reflection on products, in preparation for putting them in the Time Capsule.  The links to the lessons and the powerpoints to be used have been shared with you by your SLC.   The Living Through History GRASPS can be found through this link, and you can see what each grade level and subject area are contributing to the project.  The products and projects different teachers have designed are compelling and engaging, and aligned to our key standards as well.  

Please see below updates from DCPS on LTH

Family Engagement
  • DCPS families are an integral part of this Cornerstone.  We have created several opportunities for families to engage by creating their own artifacts and contributing their individual perspective to this project that marks this unique time in our lives. Using this link you will find activities that can be shared with your families.

Time Capsule Submission
  • Time capsules are submission dates have been extended to October 16th to allow additional time for schools who may need it. Once your students have completed the full Cornerstone instructions for submissions can be found using the links below.
  • Grades 6-12 submission Instructions

Virtual Showcase
  • Save the Date: The LTH Virtual Showcase will take place on October 28th, 2020 at 5pm.  Details regarding this event will be shared early next month.

LTH Notebooks
  • Some of the LTH Cornerstone Lessons reference student activities in the LTH OneNote. The Living Through History Cornerstone OneNote can be found in the OTL Curriculum Course Companion on SharePoint. These items can be added directly into your Class Notebook used with Canvas or with your students.

Take Action Lesson Update (SECONDARY TEACHERS ONLY)
  • Secondary Educators, please refer to email sent on September 11th that details out instructions on how to replace the necessary files in the Take Action lessons.  After replacing the files, please complete the quick survey referenced in the email as well.

Connect student learning with a NEW OPPORTUNITY:
Virtual Field Trip: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum:
Grades: 1-8  

What does Air & Space have to do with pandemics and protests?  Explore connections between student experiences at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and astronaut experiences during space exploration.
  • Content Deep-Dive: Learn about how astronauts experience quarantine and isolation during long term space travel and ways that NASA mitigates the associated biological and psychological impacts.
  • Hands-on Activities: Using astronaut hygiene and personal preference kits as models, students create and justify their own COVID-19 pandemic kits.
  • Artifact Immersion: Items are highlighted from our collection that were used by astronauts for hygiene and during quarantine and how this has changed over time.
  • Class-wide activity: The class will engage in a virtual breakout room that explores what satellites are teaching us about human impact on the environment during stay at home orders.

For more information and registration:

Now that we are moving fully into content, we should focus on utilizing our newly learned “best practices” in virtual instruction.  Some of these are very similar to live instruction, just implemented differently:

  • Please continue with SEL openers, to continue to build community!
  • Please be sure to have a clear objective, unwrapped from a standard, that is shown visually and stated orally, in the beginning of the lesson, but available to be viewed throughout the lesson as needed.
  • Take advantage of technology to have visual and audio representations of content simultaneously – the immersive reader function on TEAMS works on all text, and even on the chat. Subtitles are also available, and this reaches students who need visual in addition to audio.
  • Continue to encourage students to come on camera, if only when they speak.  Virtual equity sticks work in encouraging all voices of students! The CANVAS Badges for participation on camera also help!
  • The Discussion function on CANVAS is a great tool to encourage academic discourse and accountable talk!

As you discover new and effective tips and ideas, please continue to share them! We will publish them in our CHEC TECH TIPS, and in this section of the Bulletin

Digital Citizenship Lessons: DCPS is requiring all students to receive three specific Digital Citizenship lessons before October 2, 2020. These lessons will be given in Advisory/PLT.  You will receive the lesson plans and guidance on how to administer the lessons in your SLC.

What’s Up Wednesday is coming soon! Thank you to all for signing up to share an enriching activity or academic or socio emotional support! We have found a software that has allowed us to create our own internal schedule.  In Advisory this coming week, we will provide students with an online format to register for the classes they want and need. Advisors will receive a list of students who need an academic intervention. Based on current progress with scheduling, barring any obstacles or glitches:

High School and Middle School will both start September 30.


The Instructional Calendar is a living document that houses all the major curricular requirements, assessments, and schoolwide events. The Instructional Calendar is complete for the moment, however changes may be made and will be noted.  If you have any requests for additions to the Instructional Calendar, please contact Mr. Magee,, or your SLC Administrator.


You have all received the FAQ’s of the adjustments of Impact this year.  As a Summary:

  • There will be no IVA for teachers this year
  • There will be no student surveys this year
  • There will be EP observations for teachers this year, only 2 instead of 3.  Observations for cycle 1 will begin on November 2nd, and every teacher will receive at least one informal observation before that date.
  • We will have focus groups to discuss the new adjusted EP Rubric in detail when it is finalized by DCPS. Administrators and LEAP Leaders will continue calibrating for observations in classes this week, so please welcome observers to your classes.  If you would like to participate in a calibrating observation, please let your SLC Administrator or M. Tukeva know via email.
  • There will be TAS for Teachers this year, however it will be expanded to allow for SEL or engagement goals as well as academic goals, and it will allow for shorter cycles, and mid-year revisions. TAS guidelines will be provided this week, and we will have a schoolwide meeting on IMPACT and TAS on Wednesday, October 7.
  • The CSC rubric will be adjusted to add a sixth component for teachers teaching virtually, CSC 6. Instead of a focus group, in order to provide an opportunity for all to give feedback, we will provide a link to provide feedback on the CSC rubric during our schoolwide Impact Meeting on October 7.
  • Non-teachers will receive adjusted expectations and rubrics will be applied accordingly, to reflect adjusted responsibilities.
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