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December 4 -
December 8, 2017
Columbia Heights Educational Campus
3101 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010

CHEC MISSION 2017-2018
(Updated August 14, 2017)

All students who graduate from our Dual Language Immersion Early College Campus will be prepared to succeed in college and civic life as leaders in the quest for social justice. We develop intellectually curious scholars who are articulate communicators in two languages, critical thinkers and consumers, cultural ambassadors, and contributing community members. We focus on socio-emotional learning as a key part of the instructional program, and our students demonstrate perseverance, ethics and character in the pursuit of excellence. Restorative practices are the foundation of our school climate, as we enhance relationships and build community. As lifelong learners in the pursuit of excellence and innovation, we foster a growth mindset through which teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members all collaborate to achieve goals. We trust one another to continually improve our practice.

Dear CHEC community,

This week CHEC is celebrating International Week, and the many cultures that make up our rich school community.  From the door decorations, to the writing prompts, and the culminating International Dinner and performance, this time of year we are celebrating our unity as a community of learners.  At the same time, we know that the holidays can be a difficult time for many people, based on their personal circumstances, so we strive to be sensitive and empathetic to one another.

Thank you to all members of our community for your sense of generosity and caring for our students and their families.  A special thank you to our Arts Department for organizing the events of this week.  We look forward to celebrating with all at the International Dinner!


This week’s Comprehensive School Plan Focus is on Attendance.  As we all know, attendance has been a topic of much attention in DCPS this year, and even more so recently as a result of issues of attendance, grades, and graduation at one of the city’s high schools.  At CHEC, we have a long standing focus on achieving high rates of attendance, and it is a central part of our Comprehensive School Plan.  Attendance is extremely important for student achievement, as when students miss too many days, they fall behind and it is difficult to catch up.  

Our Attendance goal for School Year 2017-18 is 90%.  Since the beginning of the school year, we have been stressing the importance of punctuality and attendance to students, parents and faculty.  We have focused on interventions, home visits, parent contacts, attendance contracts, and incentives in a coordinated approach to improve attendance.  In addition, we are continually reviewing our curriculum and practices, since student interest and motivation is a key factor in promoting attendance.  Students who find their courses interesting and engaging, and who feel they are making progress, are more likely to attend on a regular basis.  As a result, we are currently at 87%, which is up from 86% at the same time last.  

Our attendance for week 15 is below.  We were just above 88%, which is our highest mark in the last 10 weeks!
In spite of this progress, we can see that attendance varies significantly from grade to grade, with the higher grades having lower attendance rates.  In order to ensure that our students realize the importance of attendance to their grades and achievement in school as well as in their  careers in the future, and that all schools are following all attendance protocols, DCPS is expanding on their attendance initiative by conducting system wide audits of attendance procedures, specifically in relation to grading. Next week, in our faculty meeting, and in student assemblies, we will be reviewing attendance regulations and protocols for all staff, students and parents, in order to ensure clarity, and at the same time, continue to brainstorm solutions to intervene with students who have attendance issues.  We will also be sending additional communication to parents, and setting up a school wide parent meeting prior to the holiday break.

In the words of the CHEC Mission Statement,  “As lifelong learners in the pursuit of excellence and innovation, we foster a growth mindset through which  teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members all collaborate to achieve goals.  We trust one another to continually improve our practices.

Thank you in advance to all members of our community for meeting this challenge head on, and continuing to improve opportunities and outcomes for all students.

  • A BIG SHOUT OUT to our entire faculty and staff for all that you do to prepare our students for college!  We received the following message from Juan Lovos, Class of 2017 alum:

Good Evening Ms. Tukeva,

The end of my first term has arrived and it's been overwhelming however, it was fun and filled with thrilling and life-changing experiences. In full honesty I cannot stress the college readiness Bell has given me, in addition to POSSE, for making sure that I will be a successful male figure added into the society. I understand that it may be of last minute scheduling but I was wondering if it would be fine if I can come back in January and give a presentation for Seniors maybe even Juniors to present first hand experience of college and what should be expected and resources they can use on their campus; also, rejuvenate seniors since their year is coming to an end and to get them excited and motivated in taking this next step into their life.

Thank you,
Hope to hear from you soon.
Juan "Cheeto" Lovos

  • Shout out to Ms. Thweatt for serving as the Principal Designee last week!

  • Kudos to Mr. Bufford for organizing College Awareness activities for Middle School and High School last week!

  • Shout out to Mr. Galvan for middle school Saturday Academy!!

  • Kudos to Ms. Chiu, Mr. Jaramillo, Ms. Chatalian, Ms. Penn Pearson, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Abbondanza, Mr. Edmonds, Mr. Aking, Ms. Mimi, and Mr. Pough for their help covering extra classes last week while the WIDA training was in session!!!

  • Kudos to Ms. Emami, Mr. Broad, Mr. Caceres, Ms. Chiu and Ms. Baker, for attending the PARCC training last Friday! We look forward to them sharing out!

  • Shout out to Mr. Hernandez for organizing the WIDA training on last Thursday and Friday, and for all teachers who participated: Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Perez, Mr. AbuSabha, Ms. Garcia-Carmona, Ms. Del Cid, Mr. Arango, Ms. Sanchez, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Lopez-Febres, Mr. Fuentes, Mr. Amortegui, Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Ferreira, Pete Magee, Mien Patterson, Kiril Vaglenov, Indira Farrackan, James Thurman, Derek Cabone, Reggie Williams, Mr. Rahman, Ms. Patkus, Mr. Morden-Snipper,  Mr. Reyes, and Mr. Thurman!! We look forward to them sharing their knowledge and learning as we continually work to close the achievement gap with our English Language Learners!
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